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 UJ products are range of services that universejobs.com provide to its users.

  1. UJ Job Posting: A fast and complete hiring solution that takes care of all your hiring needs. It provides:

  • An advanced job post to wedge out the details of the most ace aspirant, along with an option of sending messages to the candidate

  • An additional feature of managing the “media gallery” gives you added advantage; broadcast your company’s good will to the jobseekers through images and videos. Show a sneak-peek into your organization by showcasing your company’s photos and videos in the media gallery.

  • Our Job posts are incredibly tensile to meet all your needs (Regular/Walk-in/International/Contract), along with job post anywhere across the universe

  • Our user friendly Response management helps to increase your sorting options

  • Manage sub-users along with the managing the response from candidates

  • Reports to keep you updated with your services with us

  • A hassle free auto reposting technique to post old jobs

  • Your job postings have an unlimited reach with international job posting for global publishing and extra-terrestrial job posting for universal publishing

  • For short term or contact based requirement, try our contract jobs to serve your need

  • Calling all candidates and managing application looks like a big hassle to you? Opt for our walk-in posting and let the candidates come to you straight for the interview.

  • Let your people handle the job postings by giving them sub-user access

  • Schedule job postings, to be posted on a future date

  • Deactivate your post at any point

  • Generate reports to manage future and current requirements

  • Each job post in the UJ Job Posting package is valid for 30 days

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  1. UJ Resume Search: Provides the most advanced mode of searching resumes from our database. It provides:

    • Refined search of the most apt candidate

    • Let you download and view candidature

    • Contact candidates directly by sending messages

    • Find the most suitable candidate to your requirement

    • Hit the bull’s eye by searching the perfect candidate by filling all our search parameters

    • Manage your search results by short-listing candidates, moving candidates to folders, downloading resumes and sharing the resume in your network

    • Search resumes through-out the globe

    • Contact the candidates directly by sending those messages or customized templates


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  1. UJ Branding Services: Our branding service provides an ultimate platform to give you the finest exposure in advertising your brand to your target audience. It features:

  • Campaign advertisement

  • Logos and banner display on the homepage

  • Customized branding to target both business and customers

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  1. UJ Packages: All our services put together in one package are available for different time duration. It is an all-in-one package to provide an easy approach to post jobs, resume search, and branding for serving your short term, long term, or quick hiring needs, effortlessly. It features:-

  • You get a dedicated Account Manager

  • Plans that will take care of your quantum hiring needs

  • Get full branding solution

  • A superior resume search

  • Job postings

  • Better rankings of job postings

  • Resume download

  • Allow more sub users

  • Get listed under top companies

  • Employer’s choice logo display


Our packages our thoughtfully divided into four categories- Satellite, Planet, Sun and Star. You can choose a suitable package depending upon the features you want. Various features that we offer are – Duration, classified jobs, ranking, number of job postings, number of resume download, number of sub-user allowance, company link, and listing under top company section and display of company banner.

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