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What is balanced work - life?

Posted by : - 13 July, 2015 09:34 AM

It is said that balance is a journey and not a destination; it is enjoying life, work, spending time with family and friends, keeping healthy, maintaining spirituality and giving back to the community. In order to attain the delicate balance, utmost care must be exercised as there is no magical formula nor is there an automatic equilibrium between work and private life. Balance per se inherently is never a static outcome; it keeps on changing over different periods of time in our life. External and internal factors affect the same. The concept of balance is entirely personal.

At the work place, over work may seem to be a tempting short term solution to bring out enhanced productivity from your team, it actually may sound like a good thing, the flip side is in the long run the team would be rendered less productive, engaged and worst of all quite less likely to stay with the company. We ought to question the work-life balance realities, threats and motivators.

What is the secret of efficiency?

Efficiency is the little cousin of turbo charged productivity and performance. Apply scientific precision principles to being efficient and you are bound to be successful. We ought to live and work efficiently, in order to create more success stories out of ourselves, our companies, create more jobs, and strengthen our economies. Failures usually breeds’ failure, likewise success breeds success, the consequences of failing are devastating to say the least. Hard work does not equal success, efficiency does, efficient people enjoy their fruits of labor, enrich their lives, advance, increase, enlarge lives, their careers, and those of the companies they work for.

Analyze the efficiency of every single act you perform, make it a single successful act, believe in the power of now, do not procrastinate, be ruthless with yourself and you are going to see a more efficient version of yourself in a very short time. So we see efficiency has got more to do with your mindset, of being alert, prompt and responsive rather than adopting a lax or laidback approach to life, which in any case is detrimental to all concerned including you.

People do admit overworking; the good thing is they do not feel overloaded, in fact most feel absolutely satisfied with their work life balance. Practically speaking the entire concept of balance is dynamic, as life is in a constant state of flux, with ups and downs being part and parcel of life, all aspects of life cannot possibly be balanced at the very same time.

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