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To find a job you post a resume for online job listings, and then eagerly await the interview call, this holds good for jobs in Delhi or jobs in Chennai.

First things first, make no bones about it, the most crucial thing about a job interview is to be able to convince the employer, that you are the best fit and really and truly deserve the job. Fact be told they no longer look for an employee who possesses the requisite skills and would be able to gel in the company culture. These days they are exclusively looking for candidates who are actively seeking the company per se. So much so for how to find a job these days, and of course where to find a job as well without all the attendant hassles of going through the grueling grind of a job search, you definitely need to check the best job search websites.

What the jobseeker wants

You as a jobseeker are pretty sure what you are looking for, the top of the mind requirements for an employee are a great workplace, great co-workers, buzzing work culture, decent salary package and an enjoyable workflow. Well so much for yourself, have you ever paused and pondered, the requirements of the employer. From a prospective employees view point it is critical for the applicant to know what the employers want, based on this information they would need to sell themselves as a lasting asset to the hiring organization. This knowledge is critical to be able to effectively communicate all the relevant information and position yourself as the most qualified and deserving candidate for the position.

What the company wants

Employers on the other hand are looking for a long term commitment from the employees, so that they stick around, are excited and motivated about their career course with the company, they are assured about the company’s secure future and of course their role in it. In addition they are exclusively looking for the incumbent to be a team player, profit maker, cost reducer, multi-tasker, problem solver with an impressive resume, having a really strong online presence and a great cultural fit besides possessing a charismatic and robust personality that translates into a go getter for the company

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