How to breathe a fresh lease of life into your current role


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How to breathe a fresh lease of life into your current role

Posted by : - 13 July, 2015 10:05 AM

Just visualize the time when you had landed afresh into the very same job that you are currently holding, which feels a wee bit staid at the moment though. For that matter what are the elements that make a new job more exciting, appealing and fun working. The answers are not very difficult to find, a new job entails a fresh and new burst of energy, this comes from the new things we get to try, newer goals to achieve and of course the new relationships we foster. Come to think of it, the office surroundings are quite new and inviting, weariness and fatigue has not set in yet.

Get back into the groove

With the passage of time, things change and we do not feel challenged anymore and start looking elsewhere for fresh set of challenges. Trust me you don’t really need to do that. Here is how to get back into the groove and the rhythm by incorporating a few time tested approaches that would infuse newfound energy in the way you approach things at work.

Infuse newer ideas into the work place

Be open to adopting newer ideas and approach your job tasks with a fresh mindset. Contribute towards improvement of work flow, work processes, venture outside your immediate team and offer help, this kind of behavior is much sought after, welcomed, and satisfying as well. Take responsibility of your growth on the job, commit to learning and development, read about your industry, keep abreast with newer technologies for efficiency and satisfaction.

Mix things up, conduct your meetings in the park, walking and talking, instead of getting stuffed in a claustrophobic, uneasy room. Take holidays; manage your energy levels, lest they plummet. Take extra care of your health. Pump fresh ideas into the current role, they act like a fresh dose of oxygen to both the organization and yourself, the ultimate feel good factor.

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